• Allscripts dbMotion Solution

    dbMotion™ Solution pulls data from disparate source systems, harmonizes the information and delivers it in a usable format at the point of care, all within your native, familiar workflow. We harmonize information from multiple EHRs and vendors, giving you a complete picture that supports better clinical decision making in the exam room and at the bedside, enabling providers throughout the community to effectively coordinate and manage care.

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  • Allscripts Care Director

    This web-based solution helps your organization manage total population health, ensure appropriateness of care across all care settings and achieve high quality outcomes. Acute, ambulatory and post-acute facilities can use Allscripts Care Director to manage total population health while better managing resources. Our clients use the solution to coordinate care for their high-risk patients, closing gaps and helping keep them out of the hospital.

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  • Allscripts Population Health Analytics

    Through the power of analytics, this solution helps your organization measure performance and outcomes, manage costs, and improve quality across the continuum of care. Our overarching analytics capabilities likewise give you the operational and clinical intelligence you need to make the right decisions for your patients, your organization and your community.

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  • Allscripts FollowMyHealth

    When patients take an active role in their health care, good things happen. Our patient engagement platform gives individuals a single point of access to their complete health record, no matter what software their providers use. Patients can use FollowMyHealth® to schedule appointments or email their providers, while patient-generated data flows directly back to the EHR, automatically populates the medical record and helps their providers track their progress.

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  • Allscripts FollowMyHealth TeleHealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

    Within our FollowMyHealth portal, your patients can have a real-time video conference with their provider – a great choice for remote communities. Our FollowMyHealth Achieve™ feature enables providers to define a set of goals for each patient and remotely monitor how patients are complying with their care plans, notifying providers if a patient is struggling so they can intervene.

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