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Sunrise – an Enterprise Solution

Experience the power of clinical insight, through the most complete enterprise EHR solution on the market.

Sunrise Acute Care

Your clinicians make thousands of decisions each day. Sunrise™ Acute Care improves their practice by incorporating advanced decision guidance, including Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), note and flowsheet documentation, clinical summary views, and other key workflows. Our solution supports the full spectrum of health information for your patients, designed around a single, shared and integrated plan of care.

Sunrise Ambulatory Care

Juggling the complexities of ongoing care with several providers and facilities is difficult for patients and clinicians alike. Sunrise Ambulatory Care simplifies care coordination with a continual patient record from outpatient to inpatient. We provide functionality to track vital processes related to referrals, scheduling, current orders, medications, results and documents to help ensure patient safety at every handoff.

Sunrise Mobile Care

Harness the power of mobile for your nurses and clinical staff with our easy-to-use application. Sunrise Mobile Care delivers the most important patient management workflows, including worklists, flowsheets, medication administration and clinical summary reviews. With patient updates and alerts for orders and results, your staff will have the patient information they need – in the palm of their hands.

Sunrise Mobile MD

Give your physicians the patient and task management tools they need wherever they are with our intuitive mobile solution. From their smartphones, physicians can quickly review patient status, verify and manage all orders, review results as they are received, and view images and problems specific to the patient. For quality and efficiency, it’s a must-have.

Sunrise Emergency Care

In the dynamic emergency department environment, your clinicians need the right patient information, right away. Sunrise Emergency Care connects the emergency department and acute settings through an integrated and continuous workflow, customized for the emergency department’s unique needs. Seamless flow and information integration improves care transitions and care efficiency.

Sunrise Oncology Care

Because cancer treatment is complex and evolving, your oncology clinicians need a robust solution built with the specialty in mind. Sunrise Oncology Care meets that need, designed to incorporate complex oncology protocols and safeguards. Oncology clinicians can leverage evidence-based treatment plans and roadmaps, clinical documentation, order sets, cancer staging, and clinical decision support tools to deliver a safe, powerful, paperless environment unique to oncology.

Sunrise Critical Care

Sunrise Critical Care automates end-to-end critical care workflows, available for adult, pediatric and neonatal critical care units. Our solution links physicians, nurses and other care team members with the evidence-based clinical information they need to improve efficiency, throughput and patient safety in the highest-acuity settings. This safety net means your ICU clinicians can spend more time caring for patients when every minute counts.

Sunrise Pharmacy

Sunrise Pharmacy is a full-featured pharmacy information system that gives hospital pharmacists better control over the medication management process. Our solution includes one-click access to closed loop medication management, complex medication ordering and dispensing utilities, and enhanced pharmacy worklists. Sunrise Pharmacy enhances quality and safety in the complex medication management process, provides for greater efficiency and supports smarter inventory control.

Knowledge-Based Medication Administration

Knowledge-Based Medication Administration™ delivers advanced clinical decision support – with barcode technology – to help nurses quickly verify the eight rights of medication administration: right patient, right medication, right reason, right dose, right route, right frequency, right time and right site. This solution is a component of Sunrise Pharmacy (and can be added to any third-party pharmacy system) to achieve a higher level of patient safety.

Sunrise Surgical Care including Anesthesia Management

Sunrise Surgical Care brings the power of Sunrise into the OR. Developed on the Sunrise platform, it connects every point, from the perioperative suite to postoperative care and beyond. Real-time updates keep the entire team in the loop, while everything is tracked on a single, continuous patient record, from OR scheduling to postoperative treatment plans.

Sunrise Radiology

Sunrise Radiology is a comprehensive, web-based radiology information system that optimizes the workflow of radiologists to promote faster, more effective clinical decision making. Sunrise Radiology provides paperless workflows for all your imaging information management, to deliver a simple, powerful workflow tailored to the user’s role – so your clinicians can focus on caring for patients.

Sunrise Wound Care

Treating non-healing wounds requires a team approach. Sunrise Wound Care supports interdisciplinary wound assessment, treatment and care planning, with documentation for inpatient and outpatient settings. The embedded image capture software makes it easy to record a wound’s status and keep all care providers up to date.

Sunrise Rehabilitation

Your post-acute patients deserve the best long-term outcomes. That’s why Sunrise Rehabilitation supports evidence-based inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy evaluation using best-in-class workflows from top rehabilitation hospitals. Our tools help to automate complex calculations and documentation to not only ensure compliance with post-acute care requirements, but to get patients back to their lives.

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