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Clinical Specialty Extensions

We know that every specialist practices in his or her own way – it’s an art as well as science. Sunrise™ modules provide guidance while offering flexibility to support each practice. To be as effective as possible, each clinical domain needs a solution that tailors work flow, processes and protocols to the specialty’s unique demands. Allscripts Sunrise offers purpose-built specialty modules to help you manage care appropriately and effectively.

Sunrise Cardiology

Combine the cardiology-specific workflows your providers want with the patient data visibility they need. Within the Sunrise Cardiology module, you’ll get workflow configuration, intelligent order sets, clinical documentation, patient care management views and reports. And because the module is fully integrated, providers will also be able to see patient histories, along with current procedure and imaging data.

Sunrise Renal Care

We’ve connected the dots between hemodialysis machines, laboratories and patient records in Sunrise Renal Care. This module automatically integrates dialysis data with Sunrise Enterprise, resulting in streamlined and organized documentation – without the headaches. Your providers can see a centralized data repository of renal patients, dialysis status and related laboratory results.

Sunrise Maternal Child Health (Perinatal)

Childbirth marks the end of prenatal care and the beginning of a new patient’s record. Our solution transitions seamlessly between the mother’s ambulatory visits and her inpatient admission, so no relevant data is lost. The module’s configuration, workflows and order sets support childbirth, including integrated fetal heart monitoring. Our mother-baby link captures core information and links it to the baby’s chart without any additional data entry.

Sunrise Pediatrics

Because every child deserves the best pediatric care, our solutions combine full pediatric workflows and clinical content with customized care measures. This module supports individual provincial immunization schedules, Bright Futures pediatric health maintenance check-ups, World Health Organization-compliant growth charts, pediatric-specific intelligent order sets, advanced dose range checking algorithms and automated pediatric early warning scoring.

Sunrise Primary Care

Your primary care providers need support to provide the coordinated care patients deserve. Our solution brings the full patient encounter into the record, enabling primary care practices to operate more efficiently through every stage of care and administration. With comprehensive workflows, clinical content, registration and scheduling functions, Sunrise Primary Care supports triage, pre-visit, visit and post-visit activities.

Sunrise Continuing Care

Sunrise Continuing Care enables you to assess your clients using the RAI-MDS tool, determine the patient’s care needs and build a plan of care designed to meet them. The bed management tool helps you find the most appropriate bed for the patient and includes a comprehensive waitlist management function. Our clinical documentation, workflow and task management tools help give the patient the best possible experience.

Sunrise Infection Control

The Allscripts Sunrise platform delivers insight clinicians need to protect the safety of patients and clinical staff alike. Tools native to the Sunrise platform enable leaders to identify infection incidences and patterns and assess vulnerabilities. Using this information, they quickly and effectively implement necessary workflow and behavior modifications to mitigate risk, correct potential problems and realize measurable improvements in infection prevention.

Sunrise Addiction and Mental Health

The impact of mental health and addiction issues on individual patients and entire communities is irrefutable. Sunrise equips clinical staff with workflows and decision-support tools to help them accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of behavioral health conditions, and provides the insights that are critical for timely referrals when warranted.

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