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Financial & Operational

Sunrise Registration

Sunrise™ Registration helps you integrate administrative and clinical operations so that important patient information is captured once and then made available electronically throughout each stage of the patient visit. This innovative solution provides comprehensive registration capabilities that echo administrative workflows, making the process easier for you and your patients.

Sunrise Scheduling

Scheduling should be easy. Sunrise Scheduling’s central scheduling function seamlessly coordinates clinicians, resources and facilities with patient schedules across acute and ambulatory care environments. Multiple users can schedule and maintain appointments, saving time, improving efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction.

Allscripts Patient Flow

Allscripts Patient Flow is an integrated suite of solutions for bed management, housekeeping and transport operations, and with powerful predictive analytics, it helps optimize capacity planning and discharge forecasting. It automates complex processes to improve patient throughput and communication while increasing overall efficiency and resource utilization. The solution addresses all aspects of patient flow and provides various teams and leaders the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Sunrise Health Information Management

Sunrise Health Information Management gives your clinicians and staff access to the content they need to support collaboration, simplify chart completion and minimize manual data entry, while helping you meet compliance requirements. Our solution controls access to the complete legal record, automates the patient chart’s progress through deficiency tracking processes, and manages your organizational document storage and point-of-care scanning needs.

Hospital IQ

Hospital IQ empowers your hospital’s leaders to optimize efficiency by systematically aligning resources — such as staff, operating rooms and inpatient beds — with your actual and predicted patient flow. Our solution gives you the ability to achieve data-driven performance improvement through its modules for Staff Planning, Surgical Planning, Census Forecasting, Capacity Planning and Elective Smoothing.

Allscripts Clinical Performance Management

Harness your data, and you’ll transform your organization. Allscripts Clinical Performance Management gives you the tools to mine clinical data and transform it into actionable information. Our solution’s rules engines, advanced data visualization and reporting tools unlock the vast clinical data collected in your Sunrise EHR, enabling you to drive operational and clinical transformation.

Allscripts EPSi

Allscripts EPSi™ is a KLAS category leader that brings together all the major components of financial management – strategic planning, product-line budgeting, cost accounting, and operational and capital budgeting – on a single integrated platform. Take on today’s financial challenges and plan for the future effectively. Our fully integrated solution brings it all together, consolidating data from virtually any healthcare or business application.

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