Manage patient placement efficiently

Maximize care coordination and communication

Allscripts Patient Flow

The right patient, the right resource, the right time.

Patient Flow is an enterprise-wide patient flow management solution that automates complex and labor intensive operational processes. Patient Flow addresses all patient flow aspects, from bed management to transport and turnover, to maximize care coordination and communication while increasing overall efficiency.

With Patient Flow, administrators have real-time performance indicators so bed managers know which patients need placement, which are targeted for discharge, and which need attention from Environmental Services (EVS). Patient Flow gets the right information to the right people when they need it most.

Why Allscripts Patient Flow

Decrease ED Bypass Time

The Toledo Hospital, a 794-bed hospital in Toledo, OH, reduced left without treatment rate by 24 percent while decreasing ED bypass hours by 85 percent and increasing revenue by $4 million the first full year.

Improve Effeciency

Hartford Hospital, a 675-bed hospital in Hartford, CT, decreased phone calls per bed assignment/patient placement by 90 percent.

Increase Revenue

Banner Health, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was able to identify that a mere two percent improvement in a 400-bed facility frees up 8 patient days for the year, adding $8 million annually to their bottom line.

Reduce Bed Turnover Time

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, a 546-bed facility in Houston, TX, reduced bed turnover time by more than 40 percent and increased transfer volumes by 22 percent in the first year across a 30-building campus.

Reduce Wait Time

Moses Cone Health System, a 520-bed hospital in Greensboro, NC, lowered patient wait times by 50 percent in PACU and ED, decreased LOS from 6.0 to 5.3 days and increased early discharges by 2.5 per day.


Bed Management

Centralized bed management, patient placement/bed assignment, and overall bed control. It includes filterable worklists, patient-bed matching algorithms, an interactive electronic Bedboard, and a configurable executive dashboard for real time operational monitoring.

Access Center

Connect many participants, stakeholders and origins of patient transfers with accurate, timely care coordination across the continuum of care as well as efficient management and tracking of transfers, referrals and associated tasks.

Care Visibility

The “electronic whiteboard” solution for inpatient unit visual communications and alerting, cross-functional discharge coordination, and clinical information awareness. As a highly configurable display board that can be tailored to each unit’s unique needs, it drives patient flow awareness ubiquity among clinical resources.

Bed Turnover

Manage bed availability and overall hospital capacity, drive resource utilization, track performance, integrate real-time bed status with traditional ADT and automate communications between stakeholders.