EHR for better health and outcomes

An open platform to promote decision support

Sunrise Emergency Care

Built on the Sunrise platform to support the distinct needs of the ED

Sunrise Emergency Care is a comprehensive emergency department information system solution that is proven to help increase throughput and favorably impact clinical and financial outcomes.

The interactive Tracking Board provides real-time, rules-based patient tracking, including icons with real-time badges that show order status at a glance. A workflow manager monitors order and disposition status, allows configuration of multiple and custom workflows and supports single-click access to task updates and completion.

STATDOCS™ templates streamline discharge documentation for high-frequency, low-acuity complaints – about 60% of all discharges. ED Notes and ED Procedures use complaint-driven templates to speed the documentation of common procedures and high-acuity complaints.

The Visit Record provides a single source of clinically relevant documentation in a “chart” view, with direct access to historical clinical and financial information across all venues

One Patient Record - Best of Breed Features

One Record

As patients move from one environment to another, Sunrise Emergency Care tracks the vital processes related to the current orders, medications, results and documents to help ensure safety at every stage and handoff.

Open Platform

Sunrise is an Open platform, interacting seamlessly with other providers, other systems, and third-party apps.

Innovative Tracking Board

Shows order status at a glance. Hover over a name for a quick view of status and results.


You control your destiny with Sunrise Emergency Care, by revising or adding rules and protocols real-time.