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Enabling increased patient safety

Knowledge-Based Medication Administration

True integration for advanced safety

Knowledge-Based Medication Administration™ (KBMA) is a powerful bedside medication administration solution that helps hospitals achieve a higher level of safety for improved patient care outcomes. Combining automated workflow, advanced clinical decision support, bar-code verification and safety technology, KBMA enables nurses to quickly and confidently verify the Five Rights of Medication Administration — right medication, right dose, right time, right route and right patient — and reduces the number of steps for dramatic improvements in accuracy.

Because KBMA is fully integrated with a hospital’s medication management system, sharing data across CPOE solutions, pharmacy management, nursing flowsheets and the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) through the integrated Sunrise Clinical Manager™ clinical information solution.

Closed-loop medication management system

KBMA works as an integral part of a true closed-loop medication management system. Using a shared patient electronic health record (EHR) and unified clinical rules and data views across the system to promote seamless handoffs and prevent miscommunication or incomplete data transmittals throughout the enterprise health information system.

Because the solution is integrated with all other components of medication management, nurses operate with the latest information and input from other clinicians and coordinates care across the enterprise. KBMA helps to reduce the overall number of steps in the medication administration process, and gives hospitals the true connectivity and interoperability that propels them toward meaningful use of their healthcare information technology.


Advanced clinical decision support

Improve efficiency within the organization to reduce medication errors with our comprehensive medication management capabilities

Electronic Medication Administration Record

As medications are administered the system automatically updates the eMar, improving accuracy and saving clinicians documentation time

Pharmacy Management

Integral part of an end-to-end medication management system which supports nursing teams increasing accuracy of documentation

Sharing Data

KBMA allows for sharing data across clinical  physician order entry (CPOE)