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An open platform to promote decision support

Sunrise Critical Care

Automation to care for the highest-acuity patients

Sunrise Critical Care delivers end-to-end critical-care workflow automation for adult, pediatric and neonatal critical-care units. By closing the loop in critical-care workflow management and linking physicians, nurses and other disciplines with evidence-based clinical content, information and technology, Sunrise Critical Care improves efficiency, throughput and patient safety in the highest-acuity settings. With Sunrise Critical Care providing ongoing monitoring and assessment of patients and their vital signs, ICU clinicians can spend more time caring for patients during the “window of opportunity,” the six-to-eight hours when rapid therapeutic intervention can save lives.


Clinical Decision Support

The Allscripts knowledge engine monitors patients’ conditions and alerts rapid response teams early if medical intervention is needed

Structured Notes

Extensive documentation templates enable intensivists to complete progress and procedure notes and capture significant patient events

Patient and Resource Tracking

The ICU tracking board provides an at-a-glance graphical view of the critical-care department

Severity-of-Illness Scoring

Key observations and results are evaluated to determine the score using APACHE II, Cribs II, PRISM and Saps II, and other scoring systems

Outcomes Reporting

ICUs can monitor departmental effectiveness via reports specific to critical care, such as average length of stay and readmission rates

Clinical Summaries

The clinical summary feature helps clinicians find the information they need quickly within a single screen, tailored by unit, user or body system