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Sunrise Prescription Writer

Enabling e-Prescribing to drive medication safety and efficiency

Sunrise Prescription Writer and e-prescribing enable clinicians to process prescriptions electronically using Surescripts®, The Nation’s E-Prescription Network™. Allscripts clinical solutions and full connectivity promote medication safety, accuracy and efficiency in the prescribing process and encourage meaningful use of the electronic health record (EHR).

With Sunrise Prescription Writer, prescribed medications are automatically recorded to the EHR. During the prescribing process, the provider can immediately check the prescription against the patient’s insurance and, if needed, suggest covered alternatives. Sunrise Prescription Writer also checks for possible contraindications to assist in reducing potential adverse drug events.

Integrated with Sunrise to form a true closed-loop system, the solution helps ensure safe and accurate medication prescribing, fulfillment and administration across a hospital enterprise.



Dosage Calculator

Sunrise Prescription Writer improves order entry efficiency, and presents patient-specific medication alerts, safe dose ranges and header information including age, height and weight. The prescriber can also link to their preferred dose calculator located on the internet or intranet

Customizable Favorites

User- and enterprise-defined favorites support fast and appropriate selection of the most commonly ordered prescriptions

Advanced Decision Support

Prescribers easily access drug information, including side effects, warnings, drug-food interactions, pharmacology, and lactation and pregnancy notes

Unified Medication List

All clinicians use an easy-to-manage unified medication list for Prescription Writer and Orders Reconciliation Management

Rx Routing and Renewal

 e-Prescribing enables the electronic routing of prescription renewal requests and responses between prescribers and retail pharmacies.